Total DB


Simple catalogue creator for your CD and DVD collection



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Do you have many music or movie Cd's and DVD's and you can't manage to keep them organized and catalogued? We offer you an application that will help you do so.

Total DB is a simple application with which you can store all the information contained in your storage disks.

Total DB takes a few seconds to analyze every CD or DVD you use, extracting its file and folder structure and storing it in the database. Plus, each unit has a unique I.D. key to keep them neatly separated.

Total DB also includes a search engine to locate a specific file or folder. The program also comes with functions that classify music files, thus enabling you to classify them by album, artist, and song.

Total DB even includes a way to keep track of loans you make, with the date and time so you can have full control over your collection.

Let’s you view ZIP or RAR compressed files.
Improved search engine.


Requires .Net Framework 2.0.

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